NEW in 2024!

Discover what's new in 2024!

Discover what's new for 2024! New product launch

The famous frames "A1 Silver" en "A1 Gold" series is expanded with a third type for the 2024-inline season: "A1 Pink". The newest version of this top-competition frame is available in:

  • 4x100 12,4i
  • HiLo (3x110 - 1x100) 12,9i
  • 4x110 13,2i
  • 3x125 12,8i Click on "products" and discover further information under the tab "frames".

Next to that two complete top-level skeelersets are launched: one for the novice skater and one for the novice competitieskater: the "DOUBLEff A3-Race" and the "DOUBLEff A3-Pro". Discover the details of both types and the available sizes under "products", tab "packages".

See you soon on the races! DOUBLEff- team