About DOUBLEff

DOUBLEff is an inline skate brand, set up by former inline skater and inline skate coach Frank Fiers. Based on his life time passion for inline skating he developed and designed a series of high quality and good looking inline skate gear. As experienced competitive skater, Frank know more than anyone else the importance of high quality gear in which you can have faith as an athlete during your trainings and races.

In reaching the ultimate performance on “the small wheels “, physical and mental health is one part, perfect gear is the second.

Also as a recreative skater after his professional inline career, Frank realized that a comfortable inline boot with the perfect fit plays an important role in the joy of skating. The importance of the joy of exercising, training, living an ‘active’ life has become common sense for most people. Inline skating is a pleasant way of optimizing your health, enjoying the outside, having fun with your friends or family or compete on high level.

DOUBLEff aims that you as a recreative inline skater as well as high level competitive skater can “enjoy your passion on wheels” with high quality gear designed with love for this wonderful sport, by a passionate skater in cooperation with passionated producers.

DOUBLEff supports your Fun&Fitness experience on wheels: are you a recreative inline skater, or high level competition athlete: you will find the gear suitable for your level in the DOUBLEff catalogue.

DOUBLEff works B2B, business to business. For sales addresses in your neighborhood contact us via the contact details below.