Spacers and Multi spacer box

To reach the perfect spinning of the wheels you need to used spacers with adapted width to your setup. This differs between each brand of wheels. Different widths of spacers needs to be used for wheels from MPC, Matter or DOUBLEff for instance. The reason behind is that de inner ring of the wheel core is different in width between the different brands. This width can even variate between wheels of the same brand, as minor deviations in width between the individuals cores is possible. DOUBLEff offers spacers with a precision of 0.02 mm in the sizes: 10,05 / 10,10 / 10,15 / 10,25 / 10,30 / 10,35 / 10,42 mm. When the used spacer is to width, the wheel will spin, but you will hear a nod during skating. This is in fact not dramatic, but it causes loss of energy. The problem increases when the spacer is to small. Than the spinning of the wheel is hindered and this should be avoided. The perfect spacer width is simply a little bit (0.05 maximum) larger than the with of the inner ring of the core of the wheel.

DOUBLEff spacers are made in high quality aluminum causing hardly any damage by wear. An extra advantage is the size mentioned on each individual spacer, avoiding measuring actions every time you change wheels. Every size has its own color.

How to determine the right spacer for your wheels? Select first a spacer which is to small, causing your wheel not to spin smoothly and try each time a spacer 0.05 more width until you reach a good spin. This action might take some time, but once you know, you know which spacer to select for which type of wheel.

Pacerbox Our spacerbox combines all 7 sizes of DOUBLEff spacers with 4 high quality steel screws for frame fixing in a useful box. Select the perfect spacer during changing wheels in one look. Space up your bearings!!! Usefull and easy with the DOUBLEff spacerbox!